Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fall Classes CFCC-Comedy and Public Speakers Class

Fall Classes CFCC-Comedy and Public Speakers Class

(NEW)Improv for Communications and Public Speaking 910-362-7319, This class develops communication and creativity through the improvisation and comedy experience. Improvisational games have grown outside of the scope of theatrical performance. At the core, improvisational games are a tool to enhance creativity and communication. Recently, people have begun to use these games in a variety of different fields including psychology, public speaking, corporate businesses, medicine, and education. Improvisational games help people learn through play and are useful to improve team building, leadership skills,brainstorming, focus, spontaneity, and public speaking skills to name a few. Through classroom, group performance opportunities the students will gain: A natural sense of play which unlocks humor and imagination, collaborative and spontaneous art forms which build dynamic problem-solving and social skills, relationships and friendships where it’s safe to have fun, take risks, and receive applause, and an inner trust of accepting the first idea as the right idea and finding out where it leads. Instructor is Brooklin Green. $68 9/18-11/6 Tu 6p-9p Wilmington Campus 24 hrs

Stand-Up Comedy 910-362-7319, Always wanted to try it? Gain confidence; get feedback, writing exercises, and the open mike experience. This course is focused on getting you to your first open mike. The course will give you an open forum to try out your material, create new material, gain feedback and overcome performance anxiety. We will also research national/regional stand-up auditions and submissions. Instructor is Brooklin Green. $68 9/20-11/8 Th 6p-9p Wilmington Campus 24 hrs

Comedy Improv 910-362-7319, Be a kid again! Learn the basics of Improv - you may recognize from “Who’s Line is it Anyway”, and the basis of shows like “Saturday Night Live”. This class is beneficial for performers, nonperformers,public speakers, teachers, and anyone who is interested in learning to think creatively and quickly on their feet. This class will also be a fun way for an individual to improve their public speaking ability. Instructor is Brooklin Green. $68 9/15-11/10 Sa 1p-4p Wilmington Campus 24 hrs

Instructor Biography: Brooklin Green teaches workshops across the U.S. and locally. Her students are constant success stories, from comedy competitions to working professionals. She has a BA in theatre and an MA in communication/ leadership with Gonzaga University. She has been a guest Artist at Texas Thespian Festival for the last 3 years. She is a graduate from the world famous Chicago’s Second City Conservatory. She has appeared in festivals all over the US and has been teaching workshops for various institutions for over 10 years. She currently teaches, performs as stand-up comedian, improviser, and produces an all women stand-up comedy show called Ovary Action.

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