Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sign up ASAP! Stand-up Comedy class and Improv/Sketch comedy class at CFCC-

Classes begin this week!


Standup Comedy

Always wanted to try it? Gain confidence; get feedback, writing exercises, and the open mike experience. This workshop is focused on getting you to your first open mike. This course will give you an open forum to try out your material, create new material, gain feedback and overcome performance anxiety. We will also research national/regional stand-up auditions and submissions.
*Nationally headlining comedian Basile scheduled as guest speaker!

Begins 01/19/12 for -8 weeks 6-9pm Thurs nights Wilmington Campus 24 hrs. Cost: $68
Contact CFCC at 910-362-7319 to register and additional information

Comedy Improv & Sketch for Beginners

Be a kid again! Learn the basics of Improv - you may recognize from Who's Line is it Anyway, and the basis of shows like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, SCTV, and movies like Best in Show. This class is beneficial for performers, non-performers, public speakers, teachers, and others who are interested in learning to think creatively and quickly on their feet.

Begins 01/23/12 for 8 weeks 6-9pm Monday nights Wilmington Campus 24 hrs. Cost: $68

Contact CFCC at 910-362-7319 to register and additional information

YES, AND...?!
Student comments:

-I have taken both the standup and improv classes. Enjoyed them both and still reaping the benefits!

-Awesome, totally awesome

Why did you take the workshop?

-It helps with fear of public speaking. It also has helped with being able to think more quickly on my feet.

-I saw Brooklin on stage

-To learn improvisation, to learn how to be funny.

Any comments about the workshop?

-improv has made me a better teacher

-I still enjoy writing material. I haven't done any shows recently, but plan on getting back into the swing of things soon.

-helped by getting me on a stage. Now back to planet earth. Haven't done anything professional with it, but signed for more extra work, small parts, and comfortable doing it.

-Gave me more confidence

-I am better prepared to get up in front of larger business groups. My subject matter (computers) can be quite boring at times. My presentations have a little more pop in them since I am now able to add a joke or two that I know will work without question.

-Class was fun and helped me gain more confidence. I am surprised how many people tell me I should do stand-up!

-The workshop refreshed my Improv skills and gave me a better foundation in Improv and comedy.I have moved to Hollywood and am doing standup and writing a 2 woman show. I used my improv skills in a video I produced "Galwa Spa" I used other Brooklin Green actors as well. Thanx Brooklin you are awesome

-I took the Standup Comedy workshop in February 2010. I am still doing open mics every week, and I was a finalist in a standup comedy competition in Myrtle Beach. Brooklin's instruction is memorable and applicable. She was very professional and constructively critical.

-I gained new skills and confidence doing improvisational work. I learned so much about the process from Brooklin. She is a great teacher of improv and comedy. I enjoyed the interaction and improvisation with the other students. I intended to continue the work, but previous commitments and illness got in the way. Hope to resume in the fall.

-It increased my ability to speak up and to think on my feet.

-I now appreciation of how hard real improv is.

-Program helped me become comfortable w/writing my own material, standing up in front of people to perform. Feedback from instructor and classmates was extremely valuable. As a result I have been doing stand up for about 2 years(just for fun).And I participated in a local amateur open mic in SC where I advanced to the finals!

-It aided in confidence

-I got two parts in two different independent films.

-More success as a teacher and as a performing musician

-I perform standup comedy at open mikes regularly. It gave me confidence to get on stage. Was a great resource to workshop material?

-It was lots of fun so it was something to look forward to every week. I have incorporated some of the things I've learned into my speaking presentations and am more aware of small things that can make a difference in the effectiveness of my presentations.

-I had a great time. I learned a lot. I would like to do it again. Just need to fit into schedule

Thank for your support! Please spread the word.
For educational, organizational, corporate, or independent event workshops http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Contact brooklingreen@gmail.com or go to www.brooklingreen.comhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Quick Bio: Brooklin teaches workshops across the U.S. and locally. Her students are constant success stories, from comedy competitions to working professionals. Brooklin, will receive her MA in communication/ leadership with Gonzaga University in 2012. She has taught as a guest artist for the International thespian festival, and Texas thespian Festival. She is a graduate from the world famous Chicago's Second City Conservatory, has appeared on A&E television's Documentary "The Laugh Track", and Nick at Nite's Funniest mom in America 3. She has worked with Comedy professionals Eddie Brill (the talent coordinator for the David Letterman show) and Improvisational legends like David Shepard (co-founder of the second city and Canadian Improv games). She has appeared in festivals all over the US. She has been teaching workshops for various institutions for over 10 years. Brooklin currently teaches, performs as a stand-up comedian, and improviser.
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